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SMS Gate



When connected to a suitable SMS modem SMS messages can be sent simply by writing them to a database table in either an Access, SQL Server or MySQL database. Received messages are automatically stored into a database table where they can be picked up and acted on by your own software, alternatively the package comes pre-configured to carry out a number of very useful user configurable actions based on user defineable keywords.


Actions Available


  • Call a URL - typically to either store some information into a database or retrieve information from a database and return it by either SMS or email to the original sender
  • Forward/send email
  • Run a command on the host PC - if connected to suitable equipment then home automation can be controlled via SMS messages


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I couldn't recommend it (BIS) enough, it's incredibly easy to use and saves an amazing amount of time - I used to do all the invoice inputting but I knew my time could be better spent. Now I'm saving at least 8 hours a month on inputting

Sarah Payne, Chiltern Educational