Batch Integration Software

An easy to use automatic interface for Booksellers that imports invoices from the Batch Web Site into Sage Accounts and also automatically matches supplier payments, thereby greatly reducing duplication of effort and improving accuracy.

BIS - Overview

BIS (Batch Integration Software) is a program that interfaces with Batch to allow download of invoices and credit notes from your Batch account to your PC. The transactions are then automatically imported into Sage Line 50 Accounts, and each transaction is applied to the appropriate Supplier record in the Purchase Ledger.When a payment is made to suppliers via your batch account, it is downloaded to your PC and imported to Sage Line 50 Accounts. The payment is applied to the Cash Book in Sage Line 50, and the appropriate payment amount for each Supplier is applied to their Purchase Ledger account and matched to the individual invoice.

What booksellers are saying

BIS is saving me at least £1500 per year, probably more!

Philip Wicks, Yorkshire Books.

BIS is proving to be very beneficial to my business. Invoices can be authorised as soon as stock is delivered which means they are only touched once and we’re saving one day a month on data-entry

Paul Weller, Bags of Books.

I couldn't recommend it (BIS) enough, it's incredibly easy to use and saves an amazing amount of time - I used to do all the invoice inputting but I knew my time could be better spent. Now I'm saving at least 8 hours a month on inputting

Sarah Payne, Chiltern Educational.

BIS is drastically reducing the amount of time we spend on processing the Warehouse invoices

Chris Hunt, G.A. Turner


The annual licence will cover all new versions and upgrades.

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