An add on program for the hMailServer mail system. This package ensures that a compromised password cannot be used for sending large volumes of spam email.


The hMailServer mail system is an excellent system for running your own mail system. The one weakness in the system is that there is no inbuilt mechanism to ensure that in the event of a compromised password or email account the system cannot be used for sending large volumes of spam emails. If your system ends up sending large volumes of spam emails due to a compromised password then it will quickly be blacklisted and you will not be able to send genuine email.

How it works

The addon allows you to specify outgoing message limts per user and/or domain. If the user or domain exceeds this limit then the account and IP address is temporarily suspended from sending any further messages. The limits can be specified by the day or the hour and how long the user should be suspended can also be configured.

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